Physical Therapy Series (5-Visit Virtual 30-Minute)

This series provides FIVE, 30-minute consults that progressively advance your exercise program and education. Consults are focused and highly effective.



This series provides FIVE, 30-minute consults that progressively advance your exercise program and education. Consults are focused and highly effective.

What is the 30-Minute Physical Therapy Series

This package consists of 5 visits with a physical therapist that are designed to help you create and follow through on a plan to gain control and even eliminate your pain.  Prior to starting this series, you will need to complete the [30 minute initial physical therapy] tele-health evaluation in order for your physical therapist to get to know you and your circumstances, as well as to ensure that this is the right program for youIn each visit you will learn valuable lessons and tools to reduce pain, heal, and get back to the activities you enjoy. With the unique training physical therapists have they are well suited to help design the right plan to get you moving again.  

Benefit of FIVE, 30-Minute Appointments

When you participate with this series, you will have:  

  • Clear progress towards your goals with each visit 
  • Exclusive educational materials including articles and videos that apply to your needs.
  • An expert that cares and is committed to your success

Virtual Physical Therapy is...


  • Book an Appointment
  • Get an Assessment
  • Start Recovery

Participation Value

The 30-Minute Physical Therapy Series Value

In this series you will receive:  

  • personalized plan to improve your pain. 
  • Customized tools to reduce, eliminate, or prevent your pain. This can include activity modification, education, or specific exercises that are unique to you and your situation. 
  • Educational materials to help you along the way including articles and videos   

    Appointment Process

    How the 30-Minute Physical Therapy Series Works

    Prior to purchasing and scheduling the 30-Minute Physical Therapy series, you need to complete the [30 minute initial physical therapy appointment] so that you and your physical therapist have a chance to ask questions and determine a plan to reach your goals.  It also ensures that we match you with the best series of visits to address your needs.

    When you purchase the Physical Therapy 30-Minute Series you will be able to schedule your 5, 30-minute visits at times that work for you.  For best results, we recommend scheduling them all within a 60 day period, and with at least 2 days between visits so that you can implement the things you learn in each visit.  

    In each visit, you will have an opportunity to share your progress towards your goals, fine tune the next steps in your plan.  Often this includes a personalized exercise or stretching plan that fits your lifestyle and works towards your goals. 


      Products recommended with services:

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      Required Services: (Must Perform Prior To Services)

      The [30 minute initial physical therapy appointment] is a prerequisite for the 30-Minute Physical Therapy series.   

      Recommended Products:

      • Determined during services

        Education Links:

        • Determined during services

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