The Best...
Of the Best

We, at Healthy Beings, pride ourselves in working with the absolute best providers in their respective disciplines. We seek and recruit providers that recognize and that are interested in proven as well as cutting-edge solutions, and those that actively seek to transform the very manner in which healthcare is delivered.

Provider Directory

Our provider directory lists Healthy Beings' team of healthcare professionals. Our team includes but is not limited to the following: physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, health coaches, and massage therapists.

Using this tool, you're able to search providers in the occupations listed above based upon your preferences and needs. For each provider, you will see the following: full name; professional licensure; state of licensure, years of experience, specialty area; service opportunity for which they are responsible; Healthy Beings work location languages spoken bio specific trainings passions and interests.

The Healthy Beings Way

Healthy Beings team members apply professional leadership principles—like being truthful, hard work, never cheating, open exchange, transparency, and meritocracy—to their management styles. This style of leadership has helped us grow, and it's how we continue to thrive.

Values have a great impact on our inner world. They define us. They form the foundation of our character. And since you have to live with yourself, your values should be one of the most important things in your life. Team Values is just as important.

Our Team Values: Authenticity, Truthfulness, Joyfulness, Curiosity, Responsibility, Compassion, Fearlessness and Loyalty.