Ultimate Detox

Ultimate Detox program eliminates toxins from your body, improves health, and promote weight loss. We bring you several unique detox methods that include RF-detox, vibration, compression, and hydrogen therapies.

Ultimate Detox Service

Click the link below to learn more about the individual services that are included with the Ultimate Detox Service. Poor circulation occurs when blood vessels and arteries narrow, making it hard for blood to pass through. Our process gently squeezes the legs and arms, which improves the blood flow and lymphatic flow, which facilitates the removal of waste and swelling, from the body.

Ultimate Detox

ULTIMATE DETOX - We combine oral binders, hydrogen drinking water, radio-frequency technology, vibrational technology along with compression technology to provide the ultimate solution in toxin removal. Our process opens the lymph pathways and activates the lymph system to remove toxins at a cellular level from the body.

1. Binder Shot

We first start you off with our special Binder Shot. The Binder Shot will help prepare your body to bind with unwanted toxins. The drink will aid your body in the removal of unwanted toxins that do not benefit your health.

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2. Hydrogen Water

We add hydrogen infused water to the detox protocol. The value for drinking water with molecular hydrogen is that the water is more quickly absorbed by your body's cells. Hydrogen infused water has been shown to reduce inflammation.

3. RF-Detox Service

The RF-Detox raises the body’s internal temperature, metabolism is then accelerated, toxins and waste are broken down and sent to be eliminated. Oxygen, anti-oxidants, and nutrients circulate faster, detoxing the organs. This allows cells and genes to be repaired and rejuvenated.

4. Power Plate

We utilize the Power Plate technology prior to the PressoTherapy service so the lymphatic system has the greatest opportunity to release toxins.

Combined With PressoTherapy

5. Pressotherapy

Pressotherapy facilitates lymphatic movement and drainage, thus reducing toxic buildup of fluid known as edema. It has been shown to ease aches and pains and improve skin tone.

Benefits: prevention of leg swelling for sedentary people.

Relaxation: the parasympathetic nervous system is able to alter the mood and produce complete relaxation, a feel-good factor.

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Hydrogen Detox

"Hydrogen therapy has been reported to be effective in many kinds of disease. The possible mechanisms of hydrogen therapy can be attributed to selective anti-oxidant and anti inflammatory effects." Clinical Medicine "

Hydrogen Therapy

Hydrogen water is made by dissolving gaseous molecular hydrogen into water under pressure, typically 70mg per liter of water. High concentrations of hydrogen in the water from our Hydrogen Unit gives you therapeutic, antioxidant-rich water to support your overall health and wellbeing.

The Hydrogen Therapy service is a great addition to your detox program. Ask us about this service when you are here next time to see how easily we can add this benefit to your already scheduled RF-Detox or IV Drip session.

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