Purpose of Stretch 101

Help your body feel renewed with personalized consultation and assisted stretching. Our team of educated stretch therapists create a tailored stretch session by listening to your needs, learning about your lifestyle, assessing your flexibility limitations, and creating a recovery plan that works best for you.

Elongate your life with Stretch Health!


Adding 3-dimensional vibration to a stretch causes the muscles relax and lengthen faster. At the same time, circulationincreases. To get these benefits, we use the PowerPlate to maximize the effectiveness of your stretching program and get you back to the activities you love with less pain and improved motion. Don’t settle for less. PowerPlate’s whole-body “harmonic” vibration is unique and is integral in producing the results lesser quality vibration devices simply cannot deliver.

how Stretch 101 can help you

Reduce Pain- Stretching has been shown to compliment chronic pain protocols, reducing pain while allowing for more activity and rehabilitation work.

Performance- Active assisted stretching programs help to maintain range of motion while preventing further losses common with repetitive work and aging. With increased joint range of motion all activities become easier.

Prevent Injuries- Proper stretching protocols keep connective tissue loose, responsive, and able to absorb and transmit force. Therefore, stretching protocols that are implemented correctly can prevent injuries from high impact or everyday activities.

Rehab Injuries- Stretching promotes quicker functional recovery by diminishing mobility losses, and allowing for progressively challenging exercises.


In addition to Powerplate stretches, a limited amount of hands-on stretches can be performed during this time.


In addition to Powerplate stretches, one section of the body can be thoroughly stretched by your provider.


In addition to Powerplate stretches, multiple sections of the body can be thoroughly stretched by your provider.


You choose the length of your session based on your needs. Each session begins with vibrational therapy (PowerPlate) to increase blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, improve range of motion,and make your muscles more receptive to stretching. We then perform a series of stretches to increase your tissue length in a fashion that you cannot otherwise do on your own.