We Are

Healthy Beings is the industry leader in the preventive health technologies and service delivery market. With the aim of dramatically shifting peoples’ health, both regionally and nationally, our services target areas such as: mental, musculoskeletal and gut health, and vitality, detoxification and nutrition. By providing a multitude of services, products and cutting-edge technologies that yield astounding benefits, Healthy Beings is second to none in the medical fitness marketplace.

Mission And Vision Statements
Mission Statement

Healthy Beings cultivates relationships that transform the conventional interaction between providers and clients. Fostering integrative environments*, Healthy Beings connects people to cutting-edge technologies, preventive and restorative health services, superior products, and compelling education. We deliver a unique experience with compassion and excellence, resulting in lives that thrive.

*Integrative Environments: combining a variety of health and wellness disciplines, along with providers of diverse skill sets and training, to generate a comprehensive approach to achieving optimal health.

Vision Statement

As the preeminent provider of health optimization and disease prevention, we transform and empower the experience of healing, joy, and abundant health.

Our Founders

With a wealth of healthcare experience and an enduring entrepreneurial spirit, our founders’ “Ah-ha!” moment yielded the recognition of a tremendous opportunity.

The result of this moment is the Healthy Beings medical fitness center. This center combines traditional healthcare with prevention, wellness, and cutting-edge technology, to transform health and the delivery model of healthcare.


For more than 50 years Healthy Beings’ founders have operated traditional health care businesses, provided injury prevention and wellness programs to employers on a national scale, and have been on the forefront of new technology integration, integral to our track record of excellence.

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Monthly memberships are the most popular way to enjoy the Healthy Beings experience. These month-to-month memberships offer discounted access for members of all ages and stages.

Optimal Membership

Our top-tier membership with the most benefits and biggest savings. Trial periods are also available!