How Hyperbaric Therapy Works

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the amount of oxygen your blood can carry.

Why use hyperbaric?


The benefits of breathing 90 to 95% pure oxygen cannot be overstated. The increased oxygen density in a hyperbaric chamber causes 10 times more oxygen to reach blood plasma, tissues, and cells throughout the body. The effects are accelerated tissue healing, efficient recovery from injury and intense physical activity, new blood vessel growth, and antioxidant production. These effects enhance overall health by reducing oxidative stress on the body and enhancing circulation and tissue oxygenation.

What types of hyperbaric?


Hyperbaric therapy provides therapeutic benefits, hyperbaric comes in two different types of services, the choice between high- and low-pressure therapy depends on the specific condition being treated and the individual patient's needs.

High-pressure hyperbaric therapy, also known as high-pressure oxygen therapy (HPOT), is administered at pressures greater than 1.4 atmospheres absolute (ATA) and is typically employed for serious conditions like decompression sickness, carbon monoxide poisoning, and chronic non-healing wounds.

Low-pressure hyperbaric therapy, on the other hand, is carried out at pressures below 1.4 ATA and is often used for milder health concerns like sports injuries, post-surgical recovery, and certain neurological disorders.

Luxurious Hyperbaric Experience


At Healthy Beings, we offer a luxurious two-person hyperbaric chamber designed for a comfortable and rejuvenating experience. Step inside our spacious chamber with a friend or loved one, bringing along your favorite items, such as a phone, headphones, laptop, or book, to make the most of your time. As you breathe in the oxygen-rich air, feel the gentle increase in pressure and oxygen concentration, tailored to your specific needs. Each session's duration is customized based on your prior hyperbaric experience and the session length booked. If you're a first-time user, you can expect an inviting and relaxing introduction to hyperbaric therapy, lasting between five and fifteen minutes. Immerse yourself in the ultimate wellness experience at Healthy Beings.


Healthy Beings Hyperbaric Results

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Sara H.

Sarah, 32 - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome "After 20 sessions in the low-pressure ambient air hyperbaric chamber, my energy levels have drastically improved. I can now enjoy my daily activities without constantly feeling exhausted. This therapy has truly been life-changing."

Mike R.

Mike, 38 - Rib Fracture Recovery "After breaking my ribs in a biking accident, I faced cancelling my heliskiing trip. I tried hyperbaric chamber and Piezowave technology for 10 sessions, and my ribs healed completely. Thanks to Healthy Beings, I enjoyed my heliskiing adventure without delay!"

Rebecca W.

Rebecca, 40 - Migraine Relief "I've suffered from chronic migraines for years. After trying various treatments, I gave the low-pressure ambient air hyperbaric chamber a shot. After 12 sessions, my migraine frequency and intensity have significantly decreased. I finally have some relief."

John D.

John, 55 - Post-Surgical Healing "I underwent major surgery and needed a way to speed up my recovery. After 20 sessions in the hyperbaric chamber, my healing process accelerated, and I was able to get back to my daily activities much faster than I thought possible."

Linda L.

Linda, 60 - Fibromyalgia "After 18 sessions in the low-pressure ambient air hyperbaric chamber, my fibromyalgia symptoms have significantly reduced. I have less pain and stiffness, which has helped me regain my quality of life. I wish I'd discovered this therapy sooner!"

Alex P.

Alex, 35 - Cognitive Function Improvement "As a busy professional, I wanted to optimize my cognitive performance. I completed 10 sessions in the hyperbaric chamber and noticed improved focus, mental clarity, and memory. It's truly been a game-changer for my career."

Tim S.

Tim, 45 - Sports Injury Recovery "I tore my ACL during a soccer game and underwent surgery. I started using the hyperbaric chamber for 15 sessions, and the recovery process has been incredible. The swelling and pain subsided much faster than I anticipated, and I was back on the field sooner than expected."

  • Decreases Health Risks After Acute Heart Attacks

    The addition of hyperbaric treatment for acute coronary syndrome may reduce death rate and other major adverse outcomes.
    Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2015, Issue 7. Art. No.: CD004818

    Read article 
  • Decreases Inflammation Associated with IBS

    This systematic review looks at the evidence for using hyperbaric chambers to reduce inflammation for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Crohn's disease.
    Rossignol Medical Gas Research 2012, 2:6

    Read More 
  • Optimizes Wound Healing

    Hyperbaric physicians have been using hyperbaric treatments on non-healing wounds such as diabetic and vascular insufficiency ulcers with positive results.
    Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery 2012 May-Aug; 45(2): 316–324.

    Read More 
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