Energy Therapy

Our PiezoWave technology can compress and manipulate tissue, treating acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain. Our laser technology heals the cells of tendons, ligaments, nerves and muscles so they can repair faster. Our LED Light Bed activates ATP production which stimulates white blood cells that work to repair damaged tissues and increases collagen production that builds elasticity in the skin and can aid in wound healing.

Energy Therapy

Energy Therapy services reduce pain and inflammation, accelerate healing in damaged tissues, relax muscles, and stimulate nerve regeneration.


Focused sound waves for the treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain. Myofascial Acoustic Compression Therapy (MyACT®™) is widely used in the treatment of acute and chronic pain in muscles, tendons, and joints. MyACT describes the use of acoustic waves to target tissue at varying depths to compress and manipulate tissue, resulting in a focused and precise deep tissue massage – where your hands can’t go. The results of the mechanical stimulus delivered by MyACT can lead to increased circulation, improved range of motion, and pain relief – key components in the healing process.

Benefits of PiezoWave

A sound approach to treating acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain. Mechanical stimuli affects almost all cellular functions of living tissue. These cellular functions include; cellular growth, cell differentiation, cell migration, protein synthesis, physiological apoptosis, and tissue necrosis.

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Laser Therapy

Laser therapy reduces pain and provides long-lasting pain relief without the side effects of most pain medications. Depending on the severity of the condition, many patients experience long-lasting relief after only a couple of treatments. Laser therapy is especially useful to people who have battled persistent pains and inflammation for months or years due to tissue injuries that have remained un-repaired, or due to disease. Patients with chronic conditions will experience significant, long-lasting relief usually with only a few treatments.

Benefits of Laser Therapy

A scientifically proven treatment, laser therapy is an alternative to drugs and surgery to treat chronic and acute pains. It has fast treatment periods and is non-invasive. Laser Therapy works with your body’s natural healing abilities, helping it heal quicker through the method of photo-bio-stimulation.

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Red Light LED Table

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a complex organic chemical that provides energy to drive many processes in living cells, e.g. muscle contraction, nerve impulse propagation, and chemical synthesis. The LED Light Bed is designed with 14,400 high intensity red, blue, and infrared LED’s positioned close to the skin for maximum effect. Upon contact, the activated ATP stimulates white blood cells that work to repair damaged tissues and increases collagen production that builds elasticity in the skin, which can aid in wound healing. RED light therapy provides relief from pain and discomfort without negative side effects.

Benefits of LED Table

Our unique light LED therapy works to repair damaged tissues, increase collagen production, build skin elasticity, and aid in wound healing. Red LED therapy has the ability to stimulate the production of ATP, an important source of energy in body tissues.

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Vibrational Frequency Scan

Vibration is a mechanical phenomenon whereby oscillations occur about an equilibrium point. Russian Biophysicists pioneered the work of identifying specific frequencies in the human body and compiled a database of more than 120,000 different frequencies. These frequencies are the same in every person. Every cell and organ in the body has their own distinctive Vibrational Frequency or Oscillation. When these oscillations are disrupted, whether by injury, diet, pathogens, stress, or emotions, it results in a disruption of that biological function. Which when not addressed, can bring about fatigue, depression, illness, disease, and even death.

Benefits of AO Scan

AO Scan Identifies specific frequencies in the human body and has compiled a database of more than 120,000 different frequencies. These Vibrational Frequencies have been isolated, identified and cataloged. Knowing what the optimum oscillation or frequencies of these cells and organs are, can assist in determining the root cause of an individual’s health status when these frequencies are compared to the individual scanned results.

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