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Healthy Beings has developed a low back and neck strengthening program utilizing both the MedX Lumbar and Cervical medical machines.

MedX is state‐of‐the‐art equipment that tests your low back and neck strength to identify weaknesses in the deep core, postural muscles that contribute to pain and limited function. The equipment is then used, over the course of several weeks, to isolate these spine muscles to strengthen them safely, eliminating weakness as a factor in back and neck pain. Periodic re‐testing measures strength increases and progress towards strength goals. MedX strengthening programs are available for both the low back and neck.

How MedX Reduces Pain


Weakness of the core back and neck muscles is a major contributor to headaches and pain in the back and neck. When these muscles are weak, they fatigue easily doing routine daily activities. This causes aching, tension and tightness in the low back, between the shoulder blades, and across the tops of the shoulders. Radiating pain and numbness or tingling in the arms or legs can also be a result of spinal muscle weakness.

The MedX machines are designed to identify specific spinal muscle weakness and strengthen them in a safe and comfortable manner. As strength progressively increases, a reduction in back and neck pain, as well as improved motion are the results. The speed with which you see results depends on the magnitude of your initial strength deficit. Results can typically be seen with six to eight strength training sessions, done twice weekly.

Med-X Session - What's Included?

Your first 30-minute session consists of testing either your low back or neck strength using the Med-X technology. A review of your test results occurs immediately upon completing your test. Subsequent 30-minute sessions begin with low back or neck-specific warm up exercises followed by performing your Med-X strength training exercise. Med-X exercise sessions are completed with your choice of targeted stretching performed by a Healthy Beings team member, strengthening exercises for accessory muscles, or a "mechanical" massage.

"Combination" Med-X Sessions - What's Included?

Like the initial Standard Med-X session, the initial 30-minute, Combination Med-X session includes baseline Med-X strength testing and review of your test results. Subsequent Med-X Combination sessions include targeted warm up exercises for your back and neck, and both neck and back Med-X strengthening exercises. Combination sessions also conclude with your choice of targeted stretching performed by a Healthy Beings team member, strength training of accessory muscle groups, or "mechanical" massage.

  • Healthy Beings - Strengthening Spine Neck and Back MedX

    Resistance Training For Low Back

    The strength of the low back to move from a flexed to straight position was tested for several people before and after doing the strengthening program. The results showed over 150% strength improvement in 10 weeks.

    The American Journal of Sports Medicine Vol 17, No 5 1989

  • Healthy Beings - Strengthening Spine Neck and Back MedX

    Testing and Strengthening of Neck Muscles

    This study shows that the Med-X equipment for the neck is very reliable when testing strength at various angles. It also showed a significant increase in strength when people used the machine once a week for 10 weeks.

    The American Journal of Sports Medicine Vol 19, No 6 1991

  • Healthy Beings - Strengthening Spine Neck and Back MedX

    Partial Low Back Motion Strengthening

    Study showed that when back motion is limited while strength training, the muscles grow stronger through the full range of motion. This means if you have limited low back motion throughout the entire range of motion.

    Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise Vol 19, No 6 1991

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