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Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapist Overview

Optimizing Your Physical Performance

Whether you are recovering from an injury or surgery, have nagging aches and pains, or want to get in shape for a sport or activity to perform your best and prevent injury, our licensed therapists possess the skills and cutting-edge technology to ensure you achieve your goals. Physical Therapy is a healthcare specialty that includes the evaluation, assessment, and treatment of individuals with limitations in functional mobility.

At Healthy Beings, our Physical Therapists are in an ideal position to promote health and wellness to our clients.

Purpose For Pain Can’t Always See It Right Away

Client Education Key Opportunity

To live a HEALTHY life, one must spend time focused on healing. This includes physical healing, emotional healing and really any area of your life that has been broken and needs to be made whole again.

Healing from an acute injury or simple physical pain often means visiting a Physical Therapist for help. Taking advantage of these resources often lead to a regain in function.

Initial Assessment

How It works?

Your first session of physical therapy is an initial evaluation for 60-minutes to help the physical therapist get to know you and your problem better. The Physical Therapist will focus on measuring impairments that may be causing your problem or that may be affected by your injury or pain.

Physical Therapy can improve mobility in the affected joint or joints. Balance problems and move the body back into Optimal Performance.

60-Minute Consult for $150

Follow-up Consultation

Supporting Your Progress

Follow-up consultations are an important part of successful physical therapy. Depending on the complexity of your situation, you may be best served by seeing us one to three times per week for several weeks.

Or if you are consistent with the home exercises and education provided, it may be that seeing us every couple of weeks will work for you. It is also possible your program can be a hybrid of clinic-based and tele-health consults. The details of which, in any case, are worked out at your initial assessment and adjusted along the way as needed.

30-Minute Consult for $100

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