My Path to Optimal Health

My personal journey towards health and fitness has been a mixture of “can I eat that and still lose weight” and “how can I cheat the system to get to my goals”(I am sure I’m not alone in that). I struggle with the balance of enjoying life (aka fooooood) and moving towards my best self physically.  I did my best to research what could work for me on my own, but have you seen all the diets, secrets, supplements, workouts, etc. etc. etc. that are EVERYWHERE? One says don’t eat carbs, the other says carbs are the only way. Another says drink this “magic potion” and all your weight loss worries will be gone. How in the world am I supposed to know what is right for me when I see opposing opinions on every other resource?

A step I took that helped me was asking an expert that I trusted. WAIT, WHAT? I know it seems like common sense, but I think we all might have a little issue with asking for help. My health coach heard me out, waded through the nonsense of the internet with me, and we came up with a plan together. It was that simple.

Apparently dairy and I are not friends. Who knew? How do I go about eliminating dairy from my diet? It is in everything. Trust me. Check all the food labels. No, not the bag of dried beans. What about the processed foods you have in your house? Probably has dairy. And how did I figure this out? My health coach. You know who helped me find alternatives to dairy? My health coach. You know who told me I was not a failure for eating that pizza even though it’s chocked full of dairy? My health coach.

Because I was no longer on this journey by myself, I didn’t feel the need to be as hard on myself. We are in this together! You know all those weird questions you have that you can never find an answer to in your local search engine? Well I have plenty. I ask my health coach all the time and she has the answer! Or tells me that the question doesn’t need an answer because it will not help me towards my goals. I have asked her about those teas that promise you skinniness, the creams that make you “lose fat”, and the waist trainers that give you that hourglass look. SPOILER ALERT: none of those do what you want them to do and can have mass consequences.

Now, I have strategies to eliminate cheese from my diet 😭😭. Garlic is the answer for everything. Can’t have cheese? Douse it in garlic and close your eyes and you probably won’t notice. The only way I have been able to get through every hurdle of my health journey is to ask my health coach.

Especially this lovely hurdle called quarantine. The stress alone has me feeling bloated and like I am gaining weight left and right. Add in the lack of exercise and the cheat meals (cheat days, cheat weeks, oops) and it was a recipe for disaster. One appointment with my health coach and I was back on track!  I am not at the end of my journey and I don’t think I ever will be, but I have a partner in my health coach that I can rely on and lean on to keep me going.

One goal of mine in my health journey is to cut down on belly fat. That’s every woman’s goal. Am I right?! This is easier said than done. Women’s bodies can be stubborn with this. It felt like no amount of working out or eating healthy would give me the results I was looking for. Why am I not a size zero yet?! (But seriously, that is not my actual goal). Well do I have news for you! I did one 30-minute session of EMSculpt (You know that thing that got JLO in shape for a certain halftime show this year? Yeah that thing) and I could visibly see the difference. I had to do a double take of my own body.  It was insane. That was after ONE SESSION!! It is recommended to do at least four sessions to get where you are going. I plan on going back for more once we are able to leave the house. Summer bod here I come!

If you are interested in an appointment with a health coach or to see what EMSculpt is all about, click the links below. You know you want to!!!

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