Trent Shuford
Vision & Leader

Trent Shuford is a natural born entrepreneur and life-long learner with 30+ years of healthcare experience. Trent is successfully challenging and pushing the door wide open for innovative, new ways to make healthcare and the workplace better.

In 1991, he started an outpatient orthopedic rehabilitation facility pioneering state of the art spinal testing technology in Washington State. In 1992 he implementing the use of two- and three-dimensional video movement analysis technology for the dynamic qualification of functional movement in workers and also developed postoffer/peplacement screening protocols for various industries using bio-physical testing procedures. He has implemented prevention and safety solutions for companies nationally. He has also developed safety, risk, and ergonomic software to help companies manage risk across the country.

In 2000 started a new private company to help national and global businesses maintain healthy employees. Oversaw nationwide clinics while fostering a culture of collaboration that encouraged employee engagement and enjoyment to build strong teams.

Chief Executive Officer
Trent Shuford

State Incorporated : Washington
Year Incorporated : 2020
Service Organization : Health & Education
Work Location : Bellevue and Virtual
Languages : English

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Corporate Leadership

In 2020, it is with great pride that Healthy Beings is started to bring to you the absolute best of medical fitness technology, health and nutrition-related products, education, and professional services to enhance you, to heal you, and to prevent the illnesses and injuries that affect the quality of our lives.

Healthy Beings : Mind and Body Restoration Services


Helping people live an amazing pain free and healthy life. I love creating a joyful experience with all the people I come in contact with; sharing laughter joy and love, isn't that the best medicine!


Excited about learning and exploring new things in the field of medicine, the mind and natural healing arts. In 2019, I spent time in the jungles of Peru studying plant based medicines. My last trip in 2021 was to the mountains of Mexico to study the healing arts of toad medicine from the local shamans.