C.A. Support Protocol by CellCore Biosciences

C.A. Support Protocol by CellCore Biosciences

C.A. Support Protocol by CellCore Biosciences

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C.A. Support Protocol

The C.A. Support Protocol is a three-month approach to aiding digestion and the balance of beneficial bacteria in the gut microbiome.* It also assists in immune function, metabolism, nutrient absorption, and the body’s natural ability to detoxify.*

The supplements in this protocol contain herbs and other nutrients used traditionally to maintain existing healthy blood sugar levels, as well as offer glucose metabolism and sugar cravings support.*

One month of drainage support (via the Jumpstart Kit) is included in this protocol to support mitochondrial function and the body’s elimination pathways prior to initiating deeper cleansing.*

Formulated with Carbon Technology

Carbon Technology is a proprietary blend of fulvic acids and polysaccharides that support cellular repair and the body’s natural ability to detoxify.*

With a low pH, Carbon Technology also helps protect ingredients from being digested by stomach acid, so that they remain intact as they enter the desired location in the body.

What's Included


The highly charged organic acids support metabolism and the ATP cycle in being at peak efficiency.* These carbons also assist in the body’s natural detoxification processes and contribute to a balanced gut microbiome.*

In clinical practice, BC-ATP is generally well-tolerated by sensitive patients and may help improve protocol tolerance.

Our go-to starter binder. It promotes the body’s natural ability to detoxify and lends increased support to the gut microbiome, which aids digestive function and immune health.*

Provides minerals derived from fulvic acid. Sourced from the soil and decomposed plant life, these naturally occurring minerals are typically easier for the body to digest, absorb, and utilize. This bioavailable formula supports mental clarity, energy production, and cellular repair and immunity.*

Combines herbs and nutrients traditionally used to support kidney and liver health, including beetroot, collinsonia (stoneroot), gynostemma, marshmallow root, milk thistle seed, NAC, and parsley leaf.*

As an integral part of the body’s cleaning and filtering system, promoting kidney and liver function is essential for healthy drainage and detoxification.*


A blend of spore-forming and non-spore-forming bacteria combined with Carbon Technology. It provides 11 bacterial strains that are essential for supporting detoxification, digestive function, and immune health.*

Supports digestive function, energy production, nutrient absorption, and immune function with 11 digestive enzymes — including amylase, beta glucanase, bromelain, and cellulase.*

Together, these enzymes assist the body in digesting high-fiber and nutrient-dense foods, such as beans, fruit, grains, lentils, and vegetables.*

Supports existing healthy blood sugar levels, digestive function, and metabolism.*

A multi-herb supplement formulated to support digestive health and function, the immune system, and the body’s natural detoxification processes.*

Supports a balanced gut microbiome, the body’s natural detoxification processes, and the immune system.*

Kit Protocol Add-Ons

  • Additional detoxification support: Carboxy*
  • Additional digestive support: Bowel Mover*
  • Hormone balance support: S-TRO*
  • System balance support: IFC*


Offers glucose metabolism and sugar craving support* Optimizes drainage and detoxification* Supports a balanced gut microbiome and healthy digestive function*

How It Works

Patients will first complete the Jumpstart Kit for one month.

Next, the C.A. Support Kit is introduced and completed over a two-month period.

Key Ingredients

Magnesium (as Magnesium Malate, Magnesium Acetyl-Taurate), BioActive Carbon® BC1 (Humic Shale [containing Fulvic Acid]), L-Leucine, Polysaccharides (as Microcrystalline Cellulose), Vegetable Cellulose (Capsule).

Proprietary Blend Rice Dextrin, Polysaccharides, Vegetable Capsule (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose), Microcrystalline Cellulose, Silica. Fulvic Acid, Citric Acid

BioToxin Binder
Polysaccharides, HPMC (Capsule). Molybdenum 20 mcg 44%, Humic Acid, Broccoli Sprout, Yucca Root, Fulvic Acid, Citric Acid.

KL Support
N-Acetyl Cysteine, Milk Thistle Seed, Gynostemma Stem and Leaf Extract, Stoneroot Root, Marshmallow Root, Parsley Leaf, Beet Root, Fulvic Acid
Other ingredients: Vegetable Capsule (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose), Polysaccharides.

ViRadChem Binder
Broccoli Sprout Extract, Humic Acid, Olive Leaf Extract, Pomegranate Seed Extract, Artichoke Leaf Extract, Acai Fruit Extract (Euterpe Oleracea), Bromelain, White Mulberry Fruit Extract, L-Citrulline, Micronized Zeolite Clinoptilolite, Wheat Grass Extract, Blueberry Fruit Extract, Fulvic Acid, Citric Acid, Astaxanthin, Polysaccharides, HPMC (Capsule).

Para 4
Noni Root and Stem Extract, Sida Acuta Root and Stem Extract, Holy Basil Stem and Leaf Extract, Sarsaparilla Root Extract, Isatis Root Extract, Grape Seed Powder, Raspberry Seed Powder, Nigella Seed Powder, Fulvic Acid, Citric Acid, Celery Seed Extract, Horsetail Whole Plant Extract, Cordyceps Sporocarp Extract, Rice Dextrin, Polysaccharides, HPMC (Capsule).

Chromium, Berberine HCL (from Berberis aristata bark), Cassia Bark, Masson Pine Bark Extract, AStaxanthin (from Haenatococcus pluvialis Extract), Fulvic Acid.
Other Ingredients: VegetableCapsule (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose), MCT Oil, Polysaccharides.

Amylase (Aspergillus oryzae) Protease 4.5 (Aspergillus oryzae) Phytase (Aspergillus niger) Beta Glucanase (Trichoderma reesei) Xylanase (Trichoderma sp.) Bromelain (Ananas comosus) Cellulase (Trichoderma reesei) Pectinase (Aspergillus niger) Alpha Galactosidase (Aspergillus niger) Hemicellulase (Aspergillus niger) Lipase (Rhizopus oryzae) Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Citric Acid, HPMC (Capsule), Polysaccharides, Rice Dextrin, Microcrystalline Cellulose.

Bifidobacterium infantis, Saccharomyces boulardii, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus reuteri, Bacillus subtilis DE111®, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, Bacillus coagulans, Bacillus clausii CSI08 MuniSpore®, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Citric Acid, HPMC (Capsule), Polysaccharides, Rice Dextrin, Microcrystalline Cellulose.

Bowel Mover
Aloe Vera Leaf Powder, Cascara Sagrada Bark Powder, Chinese Rhubarb Root, Barberry Root, Ginger Root, Black Walnut Hull, Senna Leaf Extract, Wormwood Leaf Powder, Garlic Bulb, Clove Bud, Fennel Seed Extract, Cayenne Pepper Fruit, Fulvic Acid, Polysaccharides, HPMC (Capsule).

Pomegranate Seed Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Artichoke Leaf Extract, Acai Fruit Extract (Euterpe oleracea), Bromelain, L-Citrulline, White Mulberry Fruit Extract, Broccoli Sprout Extract, Wheat Grass Extract, Blueberry Fruit Extract, Astaxanthin, Fulvic Acid, HPMC (Capsule), Polysaccharides.

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