Price & Discount

Our Foundation Membership is an excellent first step in your journey towards optimal health. It allows a robust experience of our services and products while teaching you how to build the structure to support a life that thrives.

Annual Fee

$790 (When Pre-Paid) Or Monthly $79

With our robust line up of top tier products and virtual services to choose from, the 5% savings you'll enjoy on these items, along with other promotional discounts offered, will quickly cover the cost of your membership.

+Monthly Benefits

Membership Benefit

In addition to your 5% discount, Membership Portal access, access to monthly health talks, access to virtual providers and two complementary Stretch-101 sessions, you'll also enjoy early notification and priority scheduling for events and workshops, as well as for advance sneak-peaks of new medical technologies as we integrate them.

- Stretch-101

2 Complementary Monthly Sessions

Enjoy two 20-minute stretch sessions that combine whole-body vibration technology and hands-on stretching. Feels so good and is so good for you!

Become a Member

Monthly memberships are the most popular way to experience Healthy Beings. These month-to-month memberships offer discounted access for members of all ages and stages.

Foundation Membership

Enjoy member privileges including a 5% discount and two monthly Stretch-101 sessions on us! Trial periods are also available!