Sneaky Ways to Include Movement in Your Day

Fitting time to exercise into your schedule is not an easy task. What if you could sneak movement into your day that would help you stay active no matter what you are doing? Here are 3 tips on sneaking movement into your everyday tasks. 

1. Take the stairs

Elevators and escalators are everywhere nowadays. Moving from one floor to another now takes zero effort. If you are looking to get more steps in and get your heart pumping, take the stairs! One set of stairs at a time could improve your health in the long run.

2. Exercises while brushing your teeth

Don’t have time to get strength training in? Throw in calf raises, squats, or many other exercises while you are brushing your teeth. 4 minutes of each day could be utilized to keep those pearly whites gleaming as well as build muscle. There are also opportunities for movement in other daily tasks. Washing your hands, doing the dishes, folding laundry, or any activity which you are standing in place to complete can also include some sort of movement with your legs.  

3. Walk the long way

We usually look for shortcuts from point A to point B. While this may save time, it is causing us to miss out on a huge opportunity. If we take the long route to our destination, not only are we increasing our daily step count; we are also able to have a little more time to ourselves before our next task. Not only is this an opportunity for movement it is also an opportunity to fit mindfulness into your day. As you are walking notice everything around you. The temperature, the texture of the surface you are walking on, the plants around you, etc.

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