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What Our Clients Say About Us

Connie T.

My joint aching and muscle spasms are greatly reduced, I feel more confident in my range of motion, and my sleep has increased. Thank you!

Jeff R.

The staff have been extremely friendly, courteous, and professional. Before I knew it, I was back to work! I can’t thank the staff enough for all their help with my recovery.

Jenny V.

The expertise of the health coach has been a tremendous help and has propelled me beyond my expectations. The initial meeting alone was an eye opener and the several sessions that followed have been invaluable.

John G.

3 months after I tore my rotator cuff, I was in constant pain and living on pain medication. I was skeptical about the PiezoWave but gave it a try. From the first day I noticed that it works wonders. After the second week I stopped needing pain medication.

Gabby P.

I have lost close to 5% of my body fat in less than 6 months, although incremental, it is taking me in the right direction. I feel the best in my mid 40’s and hope to continue to improve as I age.

Kyle W.

I have learned a lot from the health coach who explained how the body works and how we are affected by stress, sleep and what we eat. I am amazed with the outcome and plan to continue my new lifestyle.

Jill A.

My doctor told me with the calcification in my right shoulder I would lose the use of my arm over time. After using the PiezoWave and stretching I have less pain and more motion. A recent xray shows my calcifications are shrinking!

Brian C.

I met with a health coach 2 months ago, the start of a life improving paradigm shift. In that time, I lost 13 pounds, sleep better, have more energy, and my mental acuity is improving.

Greg M.

I can do things now, pain free, that otherwise would have put me out of commission for days. I continue treatment mainly for preventative maintenance and for help with occasional muscle soreness.

Anne S.

Today I am down 6 pounds and have lost 1.6% body fat in only 2.5 weeks! Since changing my eating habits, I have less anxiety, sleeping way better at night and I don’t have an energy crash in the middle of my day.

Chuck S.

After a previous surgery in my low back, I had constant pain and very little motion. With the Spine Health Program my non-existent range of motion has steadily increased, and I haven’t had the extremely painful spells in months!

Allison B.

Having access to the health coach and meal plans brings me freedom and ease to my routine and schedule after I get home from work, I am trying new foods and recipes that I have never tried before and loving it!

Tim H.

I have suffered from lower back pain for over 5 years. After a few treatments, I felt a huge improvement. I sleep better now and sitting isn’t painful anymore.

Phil B.

Before, I had pain in my back because of having jobs where I sat down a lot. They have fixed my back, neck, and shoulders. I make it a habit to stop by regularly for preventative care. They are an invaluable resource.

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The success of any company is often built on the feedback that the customer is willing to provide. We see ourselves as a comprehensive solution for improving the health of our community at large. Together we can create an incredible place for all people to join on the path of optimal health!

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