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On-Line Scheduling for Red LED Light Therapy

Welcome to Healthy Beings scheduling portal, you can schedule on-line below.

  • Welcome to Healthy Beings Scheduling

    You have opted to schedule for a Red LED Light and Infrared Therapy Session. Below are the instructions and on-line form for you to fill out for your Red LED Light and Infrared Therapy Service.

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The Red LED Service has been chosen in the box below. The next step will be for you to choose the appointment Date and Time.

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Select your date and time for appointment & you will receive a confirmation email as soon as we've reviewed your request.

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  • After Submission

    You will receive an email thanking you and confirming your requested appointment day and time. Please verify the email has the correct day and time of your appointment.

  • Next Step

    The Healthy Beings staff will verify your personal information, your scheduled time and date. A confirmation email or phone call will be performed after all the information has been verified for scheduling purposes.


Our scheduling team will respond to your request within 24 hours to confirm your appointment or answer any questions.


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Our team is here to help.


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