Optimal Health

Optimal health is a state of complete mental, physical, and emotional well-being. It's not just the absence or prevention of disease, but instead it is the active role one takes to improve all parts that make up your mind and body.

- Defined by the HEALTHY BEINGS TEAM

Optimal Health is an investment in YOU!

How does your journey with Healthy Beings begin?

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Our goal is to gain an understanding of the whole you and identify top-of-mind priorities. With our HIPAA compliant app, schedule your initial visit with one of our healthcare providers and then complete your intake forms from the comfort of your couch.


Comprehensive screening, possible lab work and specialty testing, allows the Healthy Beings Care Team to scale a care plan with appropriate milestones and measurables.


Through a combination of tailored services, we present a well-balanced bio-hacking approach to optimize your health, strength, beauty and longevity.


We encourage our clients to communicate with staff, review care plans and book ongoing sessions at our Healthy Beings locations through our online application.


Our integrative environments connect you to cutting-edge technologies, preventive and restorative health services, superior products, and compelling education.

Moving Forward Towards YOUR

Optimize Athletic Performance

Timeless Beauty

Defy Aging & Improve Quality of Life

Improve Energy, Sleep & Brain Function

Identify Health Risk & Prevent Disease

Recover & Regenerate

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Our goal is to provide the tools, services and technology needed to take charge of your health. We combine medicine and wellness services into a proactive measure that helps prevent disease and injuries. From improved physical fitness to body detoxification, and from pain mitigation to mental well-being, we have the solution you’re looking for.

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Why Healthy Beings is for me

A: Healthy Beings was created to be a welcoming space, where clients can have access to innovative technologies and treatment options to feel their ultimate best.

We provide patient-centered care and make every effort to address the whole person in order to provide a comprehensive plan to move toward optimal health. Often patients find that just by making a few changes, they can profound shifts in their optimal health.

A: We can treat over the age of 8.

A: We currently are not accepting health insurance plans. However, some of our services may be reimbursable through your insurer. We recommend you contact your insurance company for specific answers as all policies vary.

A: We always recommend you check with our HAS or FSA account provider with questions.

A: As a member you receive a consult included with many of the services you choose. Our members also received preferred pricing when scheduling additional wellness visits at Health Beings Centers.’

We make no guarantee of cure, remission, or any specific treatment outcome. We can treat over the age of 8. We are an out-of-network provider, and thus do not participate in any insurance plans, Medicare or Medicaid. Our services should be considered strictly out-of-pocket.

Optimal Health Services

Healthy Beings' optimal health services integrate the experience and know-how of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals with cutting edge technology, all of which constitute our unique brand of the medical fitness center.

Need a professional consult but can’t get to a Healthy Beings location? Our virtual services give you the convenience and flexibility of telehealth appointments from your home, workplace, or wherever you happen to be.

Detoxification is an important body process. The body removes toxic byproducts of cellular metabolism and normal body functioning, along with environmental toxins that make their way into the body.

Here are just some of the benefits of a Detox: prevention of chronic diseases, stronger immunity, assistance in losing stagnant weight, increased energy, radiant glowing skin, mental clarity, improved longevity.

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Energy technology promotes the body's own regeneration and healing process among tendons and soft tissues, as well as loosens up constricted muscles.

Ultrasonic and acoustic wave technology interacts with soft tissue to boost the medical effects of accelerated internal repair and cell growth, analgesia, and mobility restoration.

Laser therapy reduces pain and provides long-lasting pain relief without the side effects of most pain medicines.

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Mind health technology combines modalities together to put your brain in theta state. Theta brainwaves occur most often in sleep but also are dominant in deep meditation. Theta is our gateway to learning, memory and intuition.

The combined technologies integrate together to have a positive effect via frequencies on the mind. This technology helps people with anxiety, addictions, ADHD, depression and sleep disorders by changing their brain frequencies.

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IV Drip therapy improves overall wellness by providing 100% of the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to improve immune health and boost energy levels.

IV Drip therapy benefits include: promoting faster weight loss, treating certain nutrient deficiencies, cleansing your body of toxins and free radicals, increasing your energy levels, promoting better cardiovascular health, easing anxiety and promoting relaxation.

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Do you have chronic back or neck problems that haven't responded to traditional treatment methods? With the MedX system, you can finally find effective and lasting results.

MedX machines are designed to provide isolated and targeted strengthening for the spinal muscles. The exercise works to increase range of motion, bone density, and facilitates the normal pumping action to promote disc hydration and healing. Many methods of treating back or neck problems offer temporary relief, MedX spinal strengthening can provide long term benefit.

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Telehealth, also called telemedicine, offers real advantages to patients. It's easier than ever to meet with your doctor online for routine visits. With telemedicine, you don’t have to drive to the doctor’s office or clinic, park, walk or sit in a waiting room. You can see your Healthy Beings provider from the comfort of your own bed or sofa. Virtual visits can be easier to fit into your busy schedule.

Let’s begin, we are here for you and ready to get started!

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Our goal is to provide the tools needed to take charge of your own heath.

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