Hyperbaric Chamber

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the amount of oxygen your blood can carry.

Purpose of Hyperbaric Technology

The benefits of breathing 90 to 95% pure oxygen cannot be overstated. The increased oxygen density in a hyperbaric chamber causes 10 times more oxygen to reach blood plasma, tissues, and cells throughout the body. The effects are accelerated tissue healing, efficient recovery from injury and intense physical activity, new blood vessel growth, and antioxidant production. These effects enhance overall health by reducing oxidative stress on the body and enhancing circulation and tissue oxygenation.

How It Works

Depending on your Healthy Beings location, you may have access to either a single-person or multi-person hyperbaric chamber. In either case, you simply get inside the chamber with the items you wish to bring (phone, headphones, laptop, book, etc.) and breathe in the oxygen-rich air. The pressure and oxygen concentration slowly increases to a pre-set level. The length of the session varies based on prior experience in the hyperbaric chamber as well as the length of the session booked. First time users can expect to be in the chamber for five to fifteen minutes.

  • Decreases Health Risks After Acute Heart Attacks

    The addition of hyperbaric treatment for acute coronary syndrome may reduce death rate and other major adverse outcomes.
    Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2015, Issue 7. Art. No.: CD004818

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  • Decreases Inflammation Associated with IBS

    This systematic review looks at the evidence for using hyperbaric chambers to reduce inflammation for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Crohn's disease.
    Rossignol Medical Gas Research 2012, 2:6

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  • Optimizes Wound Healing

    Hyperbaric physicians have been using hyperbaric treatments on non-healing wounds such as diabetic and vascular insufficiency ulcers with positive results.
    Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery 2012 May-Aug; 45(2): 316–324.

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