Greg Kennebeck
Skills & Service

“Doctor Greg” received his MD degree in 1996. He has practiced austere, emergency and critical care medicine on the sea, in the air, and on all seven continents, focused on salvaging life, limb and eyesight, while enjoying participation in prevention, recovery and performance-based modalities in the context of optimizing and enduring function.

Greg Kennebeck

States Licensed : AK, CO, OH, WA
Year Licensed : 1996
Service Opportunity : Live and Virtual
Work Location : Bellevue
Languages : English

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Specific Trainings

NeuroKinetic Therapy. Doctor of Medicine. Master of Medical Management. BS in Biological Sciences with emphasis in Botany. Board-certified in Family and Emergency Medicine.


Facilitating a deeper understanding and practice of a lifestyle conducive to health commensurate with life stages. Collaborative exploration of knowledge and interests in the setting of client wellness optimization.


Manual therapies, yoga and tai-chi, presence, mindfulness, anatomy trains, functional medicine. Plant-based protein, nutrition and medicine. Edible indigenous plants. Understanding the theta state, roles of IV therapy and contributions of the canine model to service, emotional support and therapy.