Everybody Can
Be a Healthy

You don't have to be a member to be a Healthy Being or to purchase our services, education pieces and products. While anyone can participate, a Healthy Beings membership provides members access to concierge services, early access to our events, monthly complementary services, and discounted pricing on our products and services.

Annual Fee


Non-members can purchase all of our in-person services at our physical locations, and virtual services and products through our online store.

The differences for non-members vs. members: pricing, complementary services, discounted products and services. So get that membership and save!

Value & Levels

A Healthy Beings membership brings you into a community of like-minded yet diverse people seeking to look and feel better, and live healthier. Membership maximizes your opportunity to improve your health while saving on individual services. Become a member today!

$99 Renewed
Virtual Member
Annual The Virtual Membership offers exclusive access to services provided via our online portal as well as products through our store. This membership is designed for people who do not live close to one of our centers or prefer the flexibility of tele-health consults. + Monthly Benefits Learn More
$1,650 When
Foundational Member
Annual Our Foundational Membership is an excellent first step in your journey towards optimal health. This membership allows exploration of our services and products while teaching you how to build the structure to support a life that thrives. + Monthly Benefits Learn More
$3,250 When
Optimal Health Member
Annual Our Optimal Health Membership rewards you with the greatest number of complementary services each month so you can make the most profound impact on your health. This membership is designed to build a weekly routine on longevity services. + Monthly Benefits Learn More
$2,250 When
HERO Member
Annual Our HERO Membership is in honor of our Veterans and First Responder's. Enjoy with greater savings on products and services, as well as complementary monthly services to strengthen your commitment as you transform your health. + Monthly Benefits Learn More
$2,750 When
Senior Member
Annual Starting on your 60th birthday, the Senior Membership offers exclusive discounts to our seniors. We understand the limitations of traditional healthcare. Our Senior membership provides discounts on services and products to help reduce the costs. + Monthly Benefits Learn More