Weight Loss (Product Bundle)

Weight Loss (Product Bundle)

Weight Loss (Product Bundle)

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If You're Ready to Lose Weight, the Thorne Weight Loss Bundle is the way to go!

How the Thorne Weight Loss Bundle Works

It has everything you need to objectively get started from accurate at-home testing of hormones and weight-related biomarkers, to a personalized health plan, and specifically formulated supplements to fuel your body to burn fat, feel your very best, and get results.

First test and assess with Thorne's Weight Management Test Kit, discover how to reach your weight loss goal. This at-home blood and saliva test provides insights by measuring key biomarkers associated with weight management. Results include a personalized health plan.

Begin to implement your personalized health plan along with the specific supplements within this bundle to address deficiencies, boost metabolism and energy, balance blood sugar, and reduce hunger and cravings. 

For greater weight loss success and results, add-on the Weight Loss Package (6 Visit Virtual) to work with one of our certified health coaches and dive deeper into the root cause of your weight gain or weight loss resistance and learn the tools to improve your overall health and lose weight for good.

Whether you’re just getting started and need direction, or if you’ve been on a program and have hit a plateau, we’ll help you shed the pounds you want to lose and maintain your results!

Bundle Value

Start Your Weight Loss Program Today

All the things you need in this Weight Loss Program have been included. The retail value of ALL the following items is $538.00 dollars. We have discounted these items by 10% for a savings of $53.80. Members additional discounts are applied at checkout.

Products Included: 

Weight Management Testing Kit

Weight Management Bundle

Thorne’s Weight Management Bundle contains three supplements that help maintain a healthy weight and promote optimal metabolism –

Vitamin D/K2 Liquid 

Magnesium CitraMate

Get support for more than 600 enzymatic processes, healthy cardiac and lung function, bone density, and muscle tenderness, and fatigue.

Basic B Complex

Basic B Complex contains active forms of the vitamins for enhanced availability to the tissues. B vitamins are essential for healthy neurological function and energy production.



    For Optimal Results

    It is imperative to shift dietary and lifestyle choices along with implementing proper detoxification practices to get to the root cause of your weight imbalances and heal from the inside out. This weight loss bundle will help you achieve these results when you have also made specific dietary and lifestyle shifts. 

        Other Recommendations 

        Add-on the Weight Loss Package (6 Visit Virtual) for optimal results or schedule an Initial Consult to work with one of our Health Coaches for further support and provide guidance along this path.

        People who have benefited from the Weight Loss Program have also enjoyed the [Enhanced Immunity and COVID Prevention][Stress, Energy, And Anti-Inflammatory Program] and [Health Coach].

        Add-On Package

        The 6-Visit Weight Loss Package Add-On

        The Health Coaches at Healthy Beings are here for you! When you add-on the Weight Loss Package (6 Visit Virtual), below is the consult schedule and description of how they support you in achieving your weight loss goals AND heal your body from the inside out.


        In this this 60-minute consult your health coach examines the primary areas needing consideration for losing weight. These areas include nutrition, movement and physical activity, toxicity and detoxification, emotional and past stressors, fasting techniques, optimal sleep hygiene, supplemental support, and more. 


        In this 30-minute consult key dietary and fasting practices are reviewed to support fat burning and weight loss while emphasizing key foods for gut health and weight loss. 


        In this 30-minute consult, you receive education on top tier supplements and products that are proven to balance blood sugar, prevent cravings, and aid in further weight loss. 


        In this 30-minute consult, you receive education in strategies to incorporate movement and physical activity to promote body detoxification, allowing for a reduction in the number of fat cells your body has. Removal of toxic waste and supporting detox pathways enhances fat metabolism and promotes more fat loss! 

        In this 30-minute consult, you receive education on toxicity and environmental toxins that put unhealthy stress on our bodies, suppress our immune systems and lend to illness and disease. 

        In this 30-minute consult, the specifics of sleep hygiene, getting quality sleep and proper exposure to natural sunlight are discussed. These items are essential in establishing optimal circadian rhythm, and for the healing and regeneration processes necessary for fat loss and metabolism. 

        Post Service Opportunity

        Health Coach Support - *ongoing health coaching is highly encouraged for those that prefer further support and guidance in behavior and lifestyle changes to successfully implement the information presented in each session.

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