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Reduce oxidative stress and inflammation at the cellular level with our Ultra-Antioxidant IV Therapy. Gain the benefits of vibrancy, immunity, and longevity all in one drip.

Why use IV Therapy for Ultra-Antioxidant?

IV Therapy is a fast and effective way to deliver key nutrients and fluids into the blood stream to boost and support optimal antioxidant levels. IV Therapy is the most effective way to enhance antioxidant levels at the cellular level. When you take antioxidant supplements orally, there are many factors that may inhibit full absorption, leading to lost antioxidants that are excreted in the urine. Never lose out on the full absorption of antioxidants again! Our Ultra-Antioxidant IV is the perfect solution to reduce oxidative stress, cell damage, and inflammation, leaving you feeling and looking your very best. 


    Additional Information

    How IV Therapy Works:

    Intravenous therapy is a method to deliver beneficial liquid materials directly into the blood stream. This method allows for a quicker absorption of the substances in the IV in comparison to oral administration. With oral administration, in order to absorb nutrient, they have to be digested and moved through the digestive tract then absorbed into the blood stream to reach their final destination. By cutting out additional steps and putting IV fluids directly into the bloodstream the nutrients reach their target cells faster. Every bag of IV fluids has one benefit in common: HYDRATION! With our busy lives, most of us could use the extra boost of fluids to live our most fulfilled lives. In addition, you can choose the recipe or add-ons that would benefit you the most. 

    Length of Treatment:

    Each person and protocol varies, as a general guide, the infusion can last anywhere from 45-60 minutes.


    Benefits of Ultra-Antioxidant IV Therapy:

    • Anti-aging
    • Increased nutrient absorption
    • Increased hydration at the cellular level
    • Improved cellular functions
    • Reduced inflammation
    • Improved immunity
    • Vibrant skin
    • Immediate results


    The nutritional components to our IV solutions are sourced to provide the highest quality option on the market. 

    Ingredients Include:

    • Glutathione
    • Alpha lipoic acid (ALA)
    • Vitamin c