Outlet Checker USA by Earthing

Outlet Checker USA by Earthing

Outlet Checker USA by Earthing

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Check your outlets for grounding and safety prior to plugging in the Earthing Safety Adapter.

Outlet Checker USA

This adapter is for TYPE B wall outlets which can be found in: The United States, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, and parts of the Caribbean.

An Outlet Checker USA. is included in every complete Earthing Kit.

Before using your Earthing® product, you must ensure that your Type B three-prong wall outlet and/or power strip is grounded.



Step 1: Test Your Three-Prong Wall Outlet

Plug the Outlet Checker into the wall outlet or power strip that you'd like to test. 

Step 2: Two Amber Lights = Grounded

When the center and right lights are illuminated together, your outlet is properly grounded. You're ready to plug in the Safety Adapter included in your order.

Other Light Combinations = Ungrounded and Unsafe

Try testing other outlets if the first one isn't grounded. If you don't have any grounded outlets in your home, then you will need to order an Earthing® Ground Rod to use your Earthing® product, or call an electrician to fix your outlets.

Please Note: If your wall outlets only have two prongs, then there is no Earth/ground present. In this case, you must use an Earthing® Ground Rod or have an electrician come in and ground your outlets.