Meta-Oxy Test

Are you suffering from inflammation? Do you experience pain? Brain fog? Low energy?  Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  If yes, then we have a test for you!

Meta-Oxy Test Kit Details

This is a quick and easy test that measures the urine. It is one of the most important test you can do for your health.  

Aldehydes are released into the bloodstream when fats, including cell membranes, are oxidized. The kidneys excrete them in the urine. Thus Meta-Oxy is a general measure of cell membrane oxidation due to free radical peroxidation of lipids. Test is 50 times more accurate than blood testing.

Systemic Formula’s Meta-Oxy Test measures how much cell membrane damage is occurring in your body. With trillions of cells in your body, this outer protective shell that holds the cell together is critical. It’s literally where all communication takes place. It is this membrane that is actually the “brain” of the cell.

Signals from our nervous system, endocrine system, and other cells in the body attach at this membrane and tell the cells what to do. Without a healthy functioning membrane, disease and sickness are sure to be not far off. The health of the cell membranes in your body are absolutely critical!

In this test kit, you will get 2 sets of the meta-oxy test so you can perform an initial test and a post test to assess changes and improvements to your inflammation level.

Test Kits Include: 2 test vials, 2 collection cups, 2 pipettes, 2 gloves, FREE 15-min Health Coach visit with code provided



How to use Meta-Oxy Test Kit

Prior to Collection: Do not take B vitamins.

1. Collect a sample of urine using the collection cup 

2. Use pipette to transfer urine into the test vial

3. Wait 1-3 minutes for the urine and solution to react and change color

4. Compare vial color to reference scale provided to identify level of inflammation

The reference scale measures test results on a scale of 0 through 7.

Scores of 0-2 are considered SAFE, suggesting the body has available glutathione and other anti-oxidants (from organic foods and supplementation) essential to protecting cells.

Scores of 3-7 point to EXCESSIVE DAMAGE to the cell membranes, with increasing numbers showing more damage and the need for increased anti-oxidants from diet and supplementation.

*It is highly encouraged to consult with a health practitioner if you scored above a 3. We will provide you a code within your Meta-Oxy Test Kit to schedule your FREE 15-Min Coaching Call with one of our experienced Health Coaches.

Inflammation Solution

Solution to Improve Inflammation:

Many people will improve their score within a few weeks by taking Systemic Formulas super anti-oxidant ROX, containing resveratrol and molecular signals shown to build, stabilize, and protect cellular function.


Others may need to address a deeper cellular issue with the powerful intra-cellular anti-oxidant EPIC, which enhances the cells ability to generate glutathione and Superoxide Dismutase in response to oxidative stress and to act against free radicals.


Some people may also need to support the methylation process with MORS, a superior methylation formula critical for nutritional support of intracellular and epigenetic healing. With the right dietary and supplement protocol, your Meta-Oxy score will improve over time.

We have bundled ALL of these antioxidants together [Here] for a discount.

Special Option

Want All Three Items? 
  • Meta-Oxy Test Kit
  • All 3 Supplements: ROX, EPIC and MORS
  • Coaching Call
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Special Offer: Health Coach

FREE Coaching Call with Health Coach

We have included a FREE 15-Min Coaching Call with one of our Health Coaches to further support you and answer any questions. For the FREE 15-Min Coaching, a code is provided within the Meta-Oxy Kit that is mailed out when purchased. 

After receiving your Meta-Oxy Test Kit, you can schedule your FREE 15-Min Coaching call [HERE]

The Health Coaches at Healthy Beings are highly skilled to help you address and improve many health concerns and symptoms. Addressing inflammation is a key step in healing and helping you reach optimal health. 




*Attention International Clients: Return shipping is not included with this lab purchase. Please check with your country’s regulations on shipping your sample back to US.

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Are you suffering from inflammation? Do you experience pain? Brain fog? Low energy?  Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  If yes, then we have a test for you!



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