Heavy Metal Support by Thorne Research

Heavy Metal Support by Thorne Research

Heavy Metal Support by Thorne Research

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Provides support for detoxification and protects the kidneys and liver*

Heavy Metal Support

Heavy Metal Support provides nutrients and botanicals for detoxification and to protect the liver and kidneys.* It can be used with other detoxification products such as Pectinate.* 


Heavy Metal Support 

In addition to depleting unwanted toxins, detoxification can also deplete important metals and minerals. Thorne's Heavy Metal Support helps maintain the normal balance of metals and minerals in the body and can be used as an adjunct to other Thorne detox support products,* such as Pectinate and Basic Detox Nutrients. The selenium and alpha-lipoic acid in Heavy Metal Support increase levels of the important detoxification antioxidant glutathione.* Heavy Metal Support can replenish the magnesium typically lost during detoxification.* It also helps maintain manganese, copper, and molybdenum at healthy levels.* The zinc in Heavy Metal Support increases the production of metallothionein, which helps protect the kidneys.* Uva ursi and marshmallow root are kidney-protective botanicals.*

How to Use

How to Use:

Take 2 capsules two to three times daily or as recommended by your health professional.



This product is contraindicated in an individual with a history of hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients.


If pregnant, consult your health professional before using this product.


There are no known adverse interactions or contraindications at publication date.


Gas, bloating, or diarrhea may occur in some individuals taking magnesium supplements. This can occur at varying amounts depending on the individual and resolves when the amount is reduced. 


Ingredient Information

Key Ingredients:

Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, Marshmallow  Root, Methionine, Molybdenum, Selenium, Uva Ursi, Zinc

Ingredient Amounts:

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 60
Name Amount
Alpha-Lipoic Acid 75mg
Copper (Picolinate) 1mg
L-Methionine 150mg
Magnesium (Dimagnesium Malate) 75mg
Manganese (Picolinate) 15mg
Marshmallow Root 75mg
Molybdenum (Glycinate) 15mcg
Selenium (Selenomethionine) 75mcg
Uva Ursi Extract 200mg
Zinc (Picolinate) 15mg
Other Ingredients: Hypromellose Capsule, Leucine, Potassium (Citrate), Silicon Dioxide


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