Ground Therapy Patches by Earthing

Ground Therapy Patches by Earthing

Ground Therapy Patches by Earthing

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Flood localized areas of your body with Earth’s healing electrons.

Reduce pain and inflammation, increase healing and tissue regeneration, and improve your mood and sleep with Earthing's Ground Therapy Patches.

Grounding Therapy Patches

Grounding Therapy Patches provide a concentrated flow of the Earth's healing electrons to a localized areas of acute or chronic pain, inflammation, or injury. They can also be placed around a wound to accelerate healing and tissue regeneration.

Simply place one or more patches on or around the affected area(s).

For maximum benefit, use the grounding patches in conjunction with the Earthing Elite Sleep Mat. Laying on the Earthing Elite Sleep Mat at night floods the entire body with beneficial electrons, while the patches provide extra electrons to specific areas of the body that need additional concentrated care.

You can use grounding patches both during the day or at night while you sleep.

90's Include: 3 pouches of Earthing Patches, for a total of 90 Patches.
180's Include: 6 pouches of Ground Therapy Patches, for a total of 180 Patches.
360's Include: 12 pouches of Earthing Patches, for a total of 360 Patches.

Please Note: These are Replacement Patches Only and do NOT include Earthing cords or Earthing accessories.

How to Use

How to Use

Sit, relax, stretch, work, and sleep while wearing the Earthing Patches. They deliver electrons straight to the area you need them most. 

Ways to Use the Patches:
    • Leave The Patch On: A Patch can be left on the skin for 2-3 days at a time. (If you reapply a new Patch right away, place it on a different area.) This allows for easy connection to your Coil Cord every time you sit or lay down.
    • Reuse The Patch: You can peel a Patch off your skin and save it for another time as long as the gel in the center of the Patch is still in contact with your skin when you put the Patch back on. Once the gel no longer makes contact, throw the Patch away and use a new one.
    • One Time Use: Yes, you can use a Patch one time, peel it off, and throw it away.



Apply one or more grounding patches on or around localized areas of acute or chronic pain, inflammation, or injury.

1. Peal a grounding patch off of the plastic strip, exposing the adhesive side.

2. Apply the adhesive side of the patch to your skin as you would a bandage.

3. Continue to place additional patches on or around the localized area of acute or chronic pain, inflammation, or injury.

4. Once the grounding patch(s) have been applied, snap a grounding cord onto each grounding patch.

Notes: Be sure to check your outlet using the outlet checker (get your outlet checker here) before you plug in the cord(s) attached to your grounding patch(s). Reposition each grounding patch every 24 hours to allow your skin time to breathe. Each grounding patch can typically be used one to three times before the adhesive is no longer viable. Discard patch once it no longer adheres to your skin.

If you don't have a specific area on your body that you'd like to target the earth's electrons, then apply the Patch(es) to the sole(s) of your feet in the K1 spot or to the palm(s) of your hand(s).