Full Body Stretching (6-Visit Virtual)

Loosen up your body with a personalized course on stretching each section of your body.



Loosen up your body with a personalized course on stretching each section of your body.

How the Full Body Stretching Series Works

Improve your mobility, decrease tension and soreness, and just feel great with this six-session series. Based on a short assessment, you’ll get a customized stretching program and assurance that you’ll be able to do the stretches confidently and correctly. Your Healthy Beings provider will be your personalized coach that ensures you’re successful with your unique stretching program.

Total number of sessions: 6 Virtual Sessions

Participation Value

What Does This Series Provide?

Stretching properly, with good technique and the right muscles, provides many benefits.  Benefits include: increased range of motion and flexibility, increased circulation, improved posture and balance, preparation for exercise, decreased muscle tension, and decreased likelihood of injury.  Stress relief, a calmer mind, and increased energy are also commonly seen benefits of stretching. 

The full-body stretching series will give you the knowledge to feel confident in stretching on your own For those who are in search of a way to get moving, this is the perfect course for you!  For those who have experience in stretching but want to learn new techniques, this series is a great way to learn things you didn’t know that you didn’t know!  

Appointment Process

How Our Process Works

Upon purchase of this course package, you will schedule your initial visit and then receive instructions by email for scheduling your additional five sessions. On your first visit, you and your provider will confirm your future appointments and resolve any scheduling conflicts. Displayed below is the outline for each session in your package. The plan is flexible based on your specific needs so that your unique goals are met.


Consultation on individual needs within stretching to ensure the following sessions are effective. 

Supplies, styles, overall technique, progression of stretching programs 


Neck and shoulders


Upper Body: upper arms, forearms, wrists, upper back, chest 


Core: low back, abdominals, and rib cage 


Lower Body: including hips, thighs and lower legs 

Package expires 60 days after your first appointment. All appointments must be scheduled and completed by that date.



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