Full Body Strengthening (5-Visit Virtual)

Full Body Strengthening (5-Visit Virtual)

Full Body Strengthening (5-Visit Virtual)

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Our full body strengthening series gives you the tools and knowledge to strengthen at home or gym with FIVE individual 15-minute sessions that sets you up for ongoing success.

How Our Full Body Strengthening Works

Our full body strengthening series gives you the tools and knowledge to strengthen your body at home or in the gym. Included are five 15-minute sessions that begin with you sharing your fitness goals so we create a custom program that sets you up for success. In each of these interactive sessions your questions are answered as we teach you how to effectively exercise at home with minimal to no equipment.

Don’t have weights?

No problem! Your provider will help you improvise and find “weights” that work for you!

Don’t have any exercise equipment?

No problem! Your provider will help you plan beneficial exercises using just your body weight.


Total number of sessions: 5 Virtual Sessions 

    Participation Value

    What You Receive by Participating

    There is an overwhelming selection of exercise videos out there saying, “Do this work-out to get fit.” But are any of them right for you? 

    Many of these videos are specifically designed to generate internet traffic and typically display beautiful, muscular people performing exercises and movements that not everybody can pull off.  While these videos possess fantastic production quality, they are often lacking in something very important: interactivity! They give you no access to having questions answered and personalized coaching. 

    Signing up for this this five-session virtual course gives you access to a personal “coach” that teaches you the exercises you’ll benefit from the most based on your unique fitness goals. If an exercise proves to be too challenging, the interactivity this program provides, ensures you can strengthen comfortably and meet your goals safely. 


    Appointment Process

    How Our Process Works

    Upon purchase of this course package, you will schedule your initial visit and then receive instructions by email for scheduling your additional four sessions. On your first visit, you and your provider will confirm your future appointments and resolve any scheduling conflicts. Displayed below is the outline for each session in your package. This plan is flexible based on your specific needs so that your unique goals are met. 

    This 15-minute consultation establishes your unique strengthening needs so subsequent sessions are effective and ensure you meet your goals. Additionally on your first visit, you and your provider will confirm your future appointments and resolve any scheduling conflicts.


    This 15-minute appointment will cover exercise supplies, exercise styles, overall technique and progression of exercise programs. 

    This 15-minute session focuses on upper body exercises; arms, upper back and chest.

    This 15-minute session covers core strengthening including low back and abdominals in particular.

    This 15-minute session covers leg strengthening; hips, thighs, and lower legs. 
    * Package expires 60 days after your first appointment. All appointments must be scheduled and completed by that date.


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