Earthing Elite Mattress Cover Kit by Earthing

Earthing Elite Mattress Cover Kit by Earthing

Earthing Elite Mattress Cover Kit by Earthing

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The most important time to ground is when you sleep.

The stream of electrons work as anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, anti-aging antioxidants — squelching inflammation, and melting away stress all night long.

Earthing Elite Mattress Cover Kit 

Grounded sleeping devices have been the primary grounding devices used in almost all of the clinical research studies done on grounding the human body for health.

This brand new, proprietary grounding material that is the culmination of two decades of research and development. It’s 100% conductive, easy to clean, and very durable.

The Earthing Elite Mattress Cover Kit provides...
  • 6-8 hours of continuous uninterrupted grounding with beneficial electrons
  • Full-body contact maximizes the electron transfer for greater results
  • Provides your body with healing electrons during the optimal time of healing and repair for greater results. 
Mattress Cover Kit Includes:
  • 1 Mattress Cover 
  • 1 Black Coil Cord
  • 1 Outlet Checker
  • 1 U.S Safety Adapter
  • 1 User’s Guide

Available In:  Cal King, King, and Queen 

How to Use

How to Use

Simply place the mattress cover over your mattress, check your outlet, connect the cover to the grounding cord, and plug in for uninterrupted grounding! 

Enjoy the seemingly miraculous benefits that nature provides when you use your Ground Therapy Sleep Mat to connect to the continual stream of beneficial electrons from the Earth's surface.

Once inside your body, the stream of electrons work as anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, anti-aging antioxidants — squelching inflammation, all night long.

Feel your stress melt away as the healing electrons from your Ground Therapy Sleep Mat work to re-establish your body's natural electrical stability and mitigate damage caused by harmful manmade EMFs.

    Softer Material: More comfortable compared to our current black carbon Sleep Mat material.

    Thinner Material: About half the thickness of our current black carbon Sleep Mats so it won’t trap heat against your body.

    Smooth Surface Area: There are no perforations in the surface area of these Mattress Covers so not only are they more comfortable, but you’re 100% grounded no matter where you move.

    More Sanitary: The hypoallergenic nature of carbon helps combat allergens in your bed. With no perforations, these covers not only ground you, they also create a physical shield against the dust and mites living in your mattress.

    Easier Cleaning: No perforations on the surface makes it easier to wipe down.

    Easy to put on: Simply slide the straps around each corner of your mattress and you’re done! No more wrestling to get straps around the entire mattress.

    More Durable: So far, we’ve tested these products for 5+ years and they are as conductive and blemish-free as the day we started. While the springs in your mattress may fail you at some point, the conductivity of your Cover won’t. Our new conductive material is designed for a lifetime of conductivity, and like all of our products, it comes with a one year warranty.

    Do you put the Mattress Cover over or under your fitted sheet?
    Either! Direct skin contact is always best so placing the Mattress Cover on top of your fitted sheet is ideal. However, the Mattress Covers are designed to 100% ground you when placed under your fitted sheet as well.