Athletic Trainer Initial Consult (Virtual)

With just a 30-minute virtual appointment from the comfort of your home, receive a full assessment and plan for the pain and discomfort you are experiencing. Take the first step towards recovery now! 



With just a 30-minute virtual appointment from the comfort of your home, receive a full assessment and plan for the pain and discomfort you are experiencing. Take the first step towards recovery now! 


How does Virtual Athletic Training Works?

Virtual Athletic Training with a Certified Athletic Trainer, is similar to services provided by a virtual Physical Therapist.Athletic Trainers can help you through musculoskeletal issues with education and advice via a video conference. The only difference between your experience with a Certified Athletic Trainer and a Physical Therapist is the specific areas of expertise that your provider has. The virtual Certified Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapists work together to provide the best service possible.

In your first consult, your athletic trainer will ask questions to understand the nature of your condition, contributing factors, and listen for your goals to create your program. Next, they will help you go through specific movements to identify factors contributing to pain and dysfunction.  Finally, you and your athletic trainer will discuss the findings and determine the best plan of care to reach your goals. This often includes education on exercises, stretches, and posture that sets you up for success.   

After the first consult, your Certified Athletic Trainer will empower you with a treatment plan to improve your health and get you back to your activity.  

You can schedule follow up appointments as you need them.

Virtual Athletic Training Is...


  • Book an Appointment
  • Get an Assessment
  • Start Recovery


How it Works

The Athletic Trainer virtual appointments are very similar to in-person visits.

Comprehensive Evaluation Consult (30 minutes):  

What do I get?
This 30 minute evaluation ensures there is ample time for you and your Athletic Trainer to dive deeper and further discuss areas that may be more of a challenge for you. Or, if you are someone that would simply prefer more time with your athletic trainer, then this is the appointment for you!

  • Schedule your initial 30-minute tele-health consult  
  • Receive a welcome e-mail
  • Complete forms in the welcome e-mail prior to initial consult  
  • Enjoy your appointment! 
  • As your initial consult concludes, you and your athletic trainer will determine what your care plan looks like.  Follow up consults, 15-minutes in length, are booked according to the plan you and your athletic trainer agree upon.   

What is an Athletic Trainer?

What is an Athletic Trainer?

Often there is confusion between athletic trainers and personal trainers. The titles may seem like they perform the same job, but their duties are actually vastly different. Athletic trainers are medical professionals and must have a degree in athletic training to be certified. Personal trainers often received training from a shorter program to be certified. The focus of both jobs is the body, however, personal trainers focus more on aesthetics, overall strength, and athletic ability. Athletic trainers work with physical therapists, physicians and other medical professionals in order to prevent and treat injuries. A typical setting where an athletic trainer works is within college, high school, or professional sports, but their skills are now being more widely recognized and you will see athletic trainers popping up in more diverse settings as time goes on. 


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