Anti-Aging (NAD+)

Anti-Aging (NAD+)

Anti-Aging (NAD+)

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NAD+ is essential for protecting DNA and optimizing gene expression. Improve brain health, memory, mood, mitochondrial health, and energy levels instantly with NAD+.

Why use IM Therapy for Anti-Aging?

Intramuscular (IM) Injection of NAD+ is a groundbreaking approach to directly increase NAD levels in the body and reverse the signs of aging. NAD+ is a vital molecule present in every cell in the body. It is involved in over 500 enzymatic reactions and countless biological processes. At a cellular level, NAD+ orchestrates DNA repair, cellular bioenergetics, and genomic signaling. Systemically, NAD+ protects metabolic function, reduces inflammation, and increases resilience to age-related disease.

    Additional Information

    How IM Therapy Works:

    Intramuscular (IM) Injections are the fastest, most effective way to optimize your nutrient levels. IM is administered directly into the muscle belly, delivering nutrients at a higher absorption and utilization rate. 

    With only seconds to set up, administer and complete, our IM Therapy Booster shots are the perfect on-the-go solution and are especially effective as a “pick-me-up” in between infusions.


    Benefits of Anti-Aging IM Therapy:

    • Slow and reverse the aging process
    • Reduced oxidative stress and inflammation
    • DNA repair
    • Optimal gene expression
    • Improved mood and memory
    • More energy
    • Mitochondrial health
    • Instant results


    The nutritional components to our IM solutions are sourced to provide the highest quality option on the market. 

    Ingredients include:

    • NAD+