Lauren Bruun
Skills & Service

Lauren graduated from Bastyr University in 2014, where she extensively studied the human body, nutrition, exercise, and overall health and wellness. Over the last 6 years, she has gained an immense amount of experience working with a vast variety of people with many different symptoms, health conditions, and goals.

Through her journey, Lauren has worked along the side of a functional medical doctor, specializing in thyroid issues, inflammation, toxicity, and detoxification. She has also had the opportunity to be a part of an integrative team of physical therapists, athletic trainers, and personal trainers, where she was able to share her knowledge and expertise in a corporate setting, helping hundreds of employees get healthy at work. She has successfully completed certification trainings as a health coach and integrative health practitioner.

Lauren is committed to providing the best care possible and loves to be a part of a well-rounded team for everyone to feel, look, and be their best selves.

Certified Health Coach
Lauren Bruun

Certifications : Integrative Health Practitioner
Year Started : 2015
Service Opportunity : Live and Virtual
Work Location : Bellevue
Languages : English

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Specific Trainings

B.S Nutrition and Exercise Science, Leaky Gut, ACE Certified Health Coach, Integrative Health Practitioner Certification


Helping people better understand the root cause of their health concerns and supporting them in making the necessary changes to live a healthy, fulfilled life.


Staying active outside (hiking, biking, walking her dog – Gynny), cooking with quality ingredients, learning new ways to promote overall health, detox, and reduce inflammation

Favorite Products

Anything Thorne, Quicksilver Scientific, or EquiLife related! Vitamin D/K2, blue light blocking glasses, Verilux Happy LIght, Hydroflask.