Laura Bogh
Skills & Service

Laura received her physical therapy degree from the University of Washington in 2009. During her career as a physical therapist she has worked with a wide range of patients and healthcare providers. The patient populations include business workers, manual laborers, elderly people, athletes, and others in the context of workers compensation claims, chronic pain, sports injuries, injury prevention, and post-operative rehabilitation. Laura has teamed with primary care providers, specialty care doctors, nurses, and case workers, as well as surgeons who care for Seattle’s professional sports teams.

Physical Therapist
Laura Bogh

States Licensed : Washington
Year Licensed : 2010
Service Opportunity : Live and Virtual
Work Location : Bellevue
Languages : English

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Specific Trainings

Beyond my Doctorate of Physical Therapy, I have trained in orthopedic testing and treatment of injuries to low back, neck, sacroiliac (SI) joints, hip, knee, foot and ankle. I have also studied functional progressive strengthening for athletes to facilitate return to sport, advanced training for vertigo treatment and various types of manual treatments including deep tissue and myofascial release.


Helping people reach their movement goals is one of the many reasons I love my job. Many people get stuck in reaching their goals to be healthier, spend more quality time with family or start that new hobby because they are in pain or can not move the way they need to. By finding the cause of the problem and having a plan of how to resolve it makes all the difference.


I enjoy anything involving animals. Currently, I have a golden retriever and we love learning new tricks together and hiking around the Pacific Northwest. I also see my grandma very regularly and enjoy gardening with her.

Laura Bogh
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